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The Paper Boats
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The last week. And how was NEET?

So, the last week… gonna be important.

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Books for JEE Preparation

It’s the time of the year again when new books are demanded for by the new batch of students. So here is this post for you guys updated for this very currentyear. Please do share a lot. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a roundup of  the Best Books for JEE Preparation that you can use to get the edge over your competitors. Note that the combination of these books is complete and you just need to study/practice them. You need no other book or study material for your preparation.

So, anyways  I am here, you are here, this article is here. Gosh! If we are all here, why aren’t we talking? Let’s start off (Take a breather before i fire away…. you will need it)

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What to do now that only 20 days are left for JEE Advanced?

I’ll cut to the chase here guys… Just don’t stress yourselves out in these days. On the other hand, don’t get too relaxed as well. Just try to keep your studies balanced.

It is these last 20 days in which I completed and managed to strengthen myself in the chapters that I was weak in :

  • Complex Numbers
  • Integration
  • Thermochemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Comic Sections

Funny thing was that I completed my syllabus of these chapters in these last 20 days. Oh, and surprisingly, I scored the most marks in these very chapters… the chapters I was weakest in earlier, the chapters I finished just before JEE. And I lost marks mainly in the chapters I felt I was prepared the strongest in.

JEE type exams are a weird thing. Anything can happen. You’ll succeed by making your weaknesses your strengths, as I did. And it worked.

So just keep in mind that… don’t squander these days away. Use them but don’t stress out. It’ll be all fine.

All the best….

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Here’s a fun one : Let’s have a poll

Okay so this is a fun one. I’ve been asked a lot of questions by my friends and so I thought of making this post. Let me know your views and questions here… also share with everyone. I’ll answer with a yes or no as regards to your comments.

So the topic is :

What all do you think cannot be done on iOS that can be done on Android?

Share this one everywhere… Make it viral…

JEE Main 2018 : What are your reviews of it?

Hey everyone… especially those who’ve given JEE Main this year… could you please share some of the questions and intriguing concepts that you found in this year’s JEE paper? Also… let’s have a discussion because that will help you out for the exam finally. As well as your juniors.

Another humble request… please please get everyone you know and has written the paper or plans to do so to comment on this post. It will be a great resource for your juniors and for you to look over how you can improve… with my tips included.

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