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General Organic Chemistry (GOC)

Electronic Displacement Effects (aka General Organic Chemistry or GOC) – A brief review from the desk of Mohit Ryan (Senior Chemistry Faculty, guru of AIR 95 and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur)

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Learn How to Manage Time Efficiently !

It’s a million $ question…. How to manage time… Specially while preparing for competitions.

I would like to advise you, as i advise all my students, to firstly RESPECT TIME. 

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Hey there folks, your favourite Prepsera is upgrading and migrating to a new address!

Trust me, the new site is better built and more customized than the one we currently have, and has a shorted url. It is…

Notes about the new site :

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Awaiting you eagerly at the new Prepsera 🙂

Aakash Kapoor

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IIT-JEE : Changing countless lives for the better

JEE changes lives, it is said. It couldn’t have been more true. This is a touching article by one of my seniors. This story motivates me a lot and reminds me….my own struggle for JEE.

-Mohit Ryan

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Peter Sykes : Reaction Mechanisms

Mark my words… Peter Sykes’ Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry, has gained the status of a god-book of reaction mechanisms because generations of eminent chemists have used this book in their life. moreover, as regards the high school scenario of India, loads of JEE/AIIMS aspirants have successfully used it to clear their exams with flying colours.

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Need for Calculation Speed : The Calculation Skills of AIR 95

Previously, i stressed on my need for calculation skills. Now, I recount the story of my student Aakash who scored All India Rank 95 in JEE-Advanced, 2016.
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Fearful Steps : How to study Maths?

How to attain focus and accuracy in Maths? Don’t know? Read on to find the suggestions and advises of Jayesh Karda, senior Mathematics faculty and guru of Aakash Kapoor(AIR-95 in JEE, 2016).

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