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Regular study for school or just a sprint before the exam?

An interesting comment I found here on Prepsera and this is something I think should have come to me as well. It is a pretty essential question and a dilemma faced by a lot many kids who are preparing for competitive exams. So, if I were you, this is what I would do…

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Trick to KVPY final shortlists

It’s a very simple thing…. the way KVPY shortlists ultimately turn out to be. Read this article to know where you stand…

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KVPY 2017 Results Declared

Everyone please check out the KVPY 2017 Results at

As expected, the cutoffs have been super low, with 45 for Stream SA and 53 for Stream SX. That is damn low guys. I hope you guys cleared it. Please do comment if you have. And if you haven’t, then ping me as well at

I will try and address your difficulties and if we can give it a better shot next time, it would be really amazing. Hope you guys really did it well.

And those who didn’t manage the cut, please don’t worry. It’s just another exam and won’t be affecting your JEE/NEET performance in any way. So relax and make sure that you take treats from those who have cleared it. Other than that, don’t be dismayed. All will be well and there is nothing you can’t do just because you couldn’t clear this one exam.

So, everybody just be happy and motivated and feel good. Christmas is just around the corner and it would be amazing to just see you enjoy 🙂



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KVPY, 2017 : A last minute checklist for all students

Finally, the exam approaches. No need to worry, though. I’m sure you all are well prepared (even though you feel you haven’t prepared as well. Trust me, it’s a feeling that every candidate faces sometime or the other and is completely natural). Time seems to be of extreme importance here so I’ll quickly dive into the basics.

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Algebra : Theory of Equations, Matrices and Complex Numbers (mainly)

Algebra… The study of the one and only ‘x’, the ever unknown variable. Just kidding, algebra is much more than just all this. Although many books differ in what they classify algebra as, I am going to use algebra to basically cover the theory of equations, complex numbers, matrices, sequences and series, and a few minor chapters. Time’s of prime importance and so, let’s be on our way to discuss this essential unit of JEE-Mathematics syllabus. 

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Calculus 202 : Integral Calculus for JEE-Main and Advanced

Let’s head up to the second portion of the Calculus portion of JEE Syllabus. The tricks that we have mastered and used while doing the differential part of calculus shall help a lot in Integral Calculus. After all, Integration is just the inverse of Differentiation. However, it gets a bit more interesting than that. Differentiation of functions can be easy, sometimes even implicit. However, Integration for the most part is not elementary. Let’s head on to the individual chapters and the books that we are going to need for this high-weightage unit of JEE Maths syllabus. 

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KVPY SA : Mock Tests

Hello there, people. It’s time… KVPY is arriving soon and i felt that you need the best to clear it. Hence, we have come out with our own set of mock tests prepared for you by the experienced faculties who are on-board the Team Prepsera…

Here is the link to these papers. Make sure you use them well. Note that one question from our mock tests came in KVPY 2016. So you know what to  Continue reading KVPY SA : Mock Tests