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Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe : Perfect for NTSE, CAT, Bank PO and more

Welcome all to the book review of this wonderful book – Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe. This has been one of the best books I have used on this subject and I can tell you that I absolutely fell in love with solving it’s problems. A great testament to this book is that it really sharpens your mind. For example, during my NTSE preparation, I exclusively practiced from this book for the Mental Ability portion of the exam. Funny thing, though. The year I cleared NTSE was perhaps the first time that there were more scholarships available than the eligible candidates. Basically, 1000 kids were supposed to get a scholarship that year but only 750 managed to pass in the mental ability test. This lead to only 750 kids being awarded the scholarship. That was because of an extremely tough MAT paper (was of a CAT level). All I have to say that is thanks to this book, I did manage to clear the mental ability paper with ease.

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Book review: Objective Physics for medical entrances, by DC Pandey.

One of the most commonly used books by students preparing for medical  entrances is  Objective Physics by DC Pandey.

The book is designed especially on the pattern of NEET . It has a HUGE plethora of questions per chapter arranged in such a manner that it has various levels depending  on the difficulty. It also has a lot of questions which are modifications of previous year questions of Jee Mains. Although the book doesn’t have any subjective problems like HC verma, the questions are far more streamlined as far as NEET preparation is concerned.

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DC Pandey Vs HC Verma : Which book is right for me?

One of the most viral questions on the internet has been, this book or that… So, here is my take on questions of these sorts. In this latest series of articles, I shall attempt to help clarify whatever doubts you may have regarding which book to chose. Of the various books that High School students can use for Physics, DC Pandey and HC Verma both are insanely popular choices. Both these books bring a good concise theory to the table, coupled with solved and unsolved questions.

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FIITJEE Rankers Study Material (RSM) : My Review of the Material

FIITJEE is one of the most trusted names when it comes to JEE coaching. Every year, it produces a fabulous list of results (33% of successful students in almost every category are claimed to be FIITJEE students). Now, that is a massive number and it definitely raises some questions. Is the material of FIITJEE so good that this happens? Or is the faculty pool of FIITJEE that good? Many of you have asked me about FIITJEE RSM – how is it, how did I use it, and stuff. Bored of answering individual comments about the same thing, I decided to write this article. I hope that this article will be able to clear all of your confusions on this topic.

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Peter Sykes : Reaction Mechanisms

Mark my words… Peter Sykes’ Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry, has gained the status of a god-book of reaction mechanisms because generations of eminent chemists have used this book in their life. moreover, as regards the high school scenario of India, loads of JEE/AIIMS aspirants have successfully used it to clear their exams with flying colours.

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I.E Irodov : Problems in General Physics Book Review

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The book has an aura everyone is awe-struck  by the thin and rust-styled problem handbook available in the market at the cheapest of prices. The book I.E. Irodov is a unique , powerful & striking weapon to consolidate your concepts in physics and clear your main aim of excelling in JEE.

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