The last week

So, the last week… gonna be important.

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The Paper Boats

The Paper Boats
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Amazing stuff. Do have a look!

Books for JEE Preparation

It’s the time of the year again when new books are demanded for by the new batch of students. So here is this post for you guys updated for this very currentyear. Please do share a lot. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a roundup of  the Best Books for JEE Preparation that you can use to get the edge over your competitors. Note that the combination of these books is complete and you just need to study/practice them. You need no other book or study material for your preparation.

So, anyways  I am here, you are here, this article is here. Gosh! If we are all here, why aren’t we talking? Let’s start off (Take a breather before i fire away…. you will need it)

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