Attempting the paper : Things to keep in mind

This is another of the articles contributed by Harish. Really appreciate his work and his views and I felt that these would resonate with a lot of you and might help you out. Most of you frequent visitors of the blog already know my views and that’s why I post these articles written by Harish so that you people can get an alternative view point and decide what works best for yourself. As always, anyone who wishes to join this cause and help out is welcome to message me 🙂

So these are some of the common advice for both the papers

• Do not speculate and predict the standard of the paper while writing the exam.

• Do not have a ‘favourite’ subject which you favour and spend more time on. If you really want to do so, make sure you finish the other two and try putting more effort on your favourite one.

• If you find the paper easy, try to stretch yourself to outperform your expectations.(It might be easy to you only, be confident, not thinking about your rank)

If you find the paper tough, just stay calm and realize that even others will face the same problem.

• Stay calm. Nothing better than being calm before and during an exam.

• Do not read anything the day before the exam. Just sit and relax.

• Do not sit and put in blind guesses, such guesses do more harm than good to you.

• Try to bubble after solving a single page of questions rather than waiting till the end (Now applicable to JEE Main – Offline only).

• Try reaching the exam centre an hour before the reporting time for the exam. Check your test centre a day before your exam.

• Always take five minutes to go through the whole paper before starting it.

• Try to have a fixed writing pattern of subjects and do not change the pattern style on the exam day.

• Choose the easy questions first and solve them, this helps in two things, helps you to get into the exam mood and also helps building your confidence levels.

• Quality over Quantity. It’s not the number of sums you solve but how many you get right that matters.

• Speed. This is an important factor while writing an exam. Do not try to rush through a section in order to spend more time on any other,at any cost try to maintain your natural speed of writing the exam.

• Organise your rough work so that you can look back what you have done.

• If there are certain rules and dress code to be followed, do so. Don’t try to ‘check’ if they will be checking or not. This really can disturb you if at all something goes wrong.

• Finally, go to the washroom before the exam begins .Always better than going in between the exam, which might even land you into trouble as well. Not only that, you lose your flow of writing if you take a break in between the exam.

Some tips exclusive to JEE Main –

• Whatever the order you write the exam, make sure you attempt a section for 40 minutes only,after that move onto another section.

• Then you will have 1 hr at the end left, use it to make sure you maximise your marks.(Solve randomly,or orderly ur wish).

• Agree with the question as far as possible, do not try to think in the advanced point of view,stick to the Mains concept.[1]

• Generally if you are thorough with NCERT book for chemistry,it should get over by 40 minutes,which gives 140 minutes to solve 60 questions now.

• Try not spending more than 50 minutes on Chemistry.

• Do not get distracted especially for Mains,because more than 60% of the candidates you will be sitting with are non serious ones who would be disturbing people around to copy.(I always used to compare the standard and seriousness of the person sitting next to me and act accordingly to get rid of their nuisance).

Some tips exclusive to JEE-Advanced

• In the gap between two papers, try not staying there and go back home or to plan something else.

• Do not talk with your friends at all about the first paper.

• Try to sleep for 20 odd minutes,since it is going to be an online exam,hence rest to your eyes is important.

• Have a light lunch with less of Masala in the food, since it will be in May where its going to be hot, better drink some homemade juices or coconut water and so on.

• For questions with no negative marks, put a smart guess, don’t leave them blank, a mark is a mark no matter how it comes, though that mark won’t change your future in any way, it is always good to get a good rank.

All the best,


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5 thoughts on “Attempting the paper : Things to keep in mind”

  1. Hey aakash thanks for tge insight for cgemistry(Ncert ‘s), can you also tel about phys and maths or more specifically Maths (cause it…..). You know which book can suffice how many questions(any rough esrimate) . I know i sound dumb here but i don’t care about that unless and until i am really asking dumb questions.

    You got it. Right?


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