Side Effects of the modern online industry… Something to ponder about

Right now, the internet is at it’s peak, with hardly any barrier of entry, loads of available content and services, coupled with new innovations every few days that make the experience better every passing day. However, all this does not come for free… after all, everyone deserves compensation for the work that they do… You might wonder a few things at this point now…

You might wonder how these pay-cheques are balanced and how exactly is the free content system sustaining itself. Turns out it is run by a lot of things including, but not limited to –

  • Data Collection and mining it for useful purposes (as done by Google)
  • Data accumulation to be used for selling to advertisers (as done by Google, Facebook, Amazon and a lot more)
  • Click-Bait articles and getting ad revenue based on views

Now, all these things don’t have any upfront cost (that’s why they are popular) and yet they charge you by violating your privacy and wasting your time. While I can’t do anything about the first two points, the third one is what infuriates me a lot. Every seen articles with such words?

This is an example of what click bait articles are : Flashy articles and hardly any substance in them. Given that I read up a lot of stuff online, such content pisses me off to no end and there are a few sites that do this a lot…. particularly Indian Journalism websites, “fake, half baked” tech blogs like BGR and a ton of other sites like Buzzfeed, WSJ and so on. This is the ugly face of point number 3 being seen…. Click bait articles lacking content but having the words that trigger people to read the articles, getting them tons of ad revenue. Is this good? Hell no!

What do you think must be done of this?

Would love to hear your views in the comments below. Also, please get your tech savvy friends over to Prepsera so that I can write more of these tech based articles. I love to do so… they act as a great alternative topic to me….

Anything else that you think I can write about? Let me know….

Cheers !


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2 thoughts on “Side Effects of the modern online industry… Something to ponder about”

  1. Yeah, these sites are really annoying. What we could do is, program an extension app for the browser, and whenever we see such links it should auto detect, that these sites are click Bates.To determine whether it’s clickbate or not, it should also have a report option, just like the one used in Truecaller, hence to determine it’s spam or not.


    1. The problem is that the extensions can be detected and the sites can choose to not show you content unless you disable the extension. Something that happens with cookies and ad blockers these dats


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