What do you feel after giving JEE Advanced, or anything significant for you?

Many of you must be wondering as to how it feels after you have attempted your JEE paper (or for that matter, any exam you value or any event that is worth it). Here’s a small recap of my experience to just let you know one of the feelings you might have after giving your paper. It’s all subjective and so varies from person to person. Would love others to collaborate on this one. Here goes….

It sure is a mixed bag of feelings.

But the first thing you feel is … that you are tired. I felt as if two years of my focussed hard work had culminated that day when i gave the paper. All i wanted to do then was rest, as if i had covered a long distance with no break. And that was what it was too.

I chilled out a lot as soon as i came home and slept without meaning too. The 6 hours of the actual JEE paper drain you more than the All India Test Series (and even the AITS papers drain much more than normal studies do).

But, after you have given the paper, you begin to feel what marks you are expected to get, and what rank. I was pretty happy, thought i had a good rank with me. But, I never believed in it. Always expect the least, to be happiest. So…that was that.

I never checked my marks through the answer key. I never cared.

I enjoyed with family, started pursuing new hobbies…something my jee prep had not allowed me to do.

And then you realize, JEE is just a paper… but the journey was fun.

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16 thoughts on “What do you feel after giving JEE Advanced, or anything significant for you?”

  1. Hey aakash what about someone who wasted whole two years and still thinks he can score above 300 in mains by using the remaining time, and maybe advanced too. Is that overconfidence or smthng else.His stats are :

    1.Haven’t done any numericals.
    2. Was in narayana and have notes of phys and chem, not maths cause he bunkwd classes of maths beacuse the teacher was far superior.
    3.Have loads of books and haven’t done any.
    4.Mom dad asks did you do numericals, he lies that he do.
    5.And asking for a rank.

    Would you like to abuse him or just ignore.

    if you can suggest anything then please do.


    1. 300 Plus would be too much to ask for imho. But something like 150-200 can be managed by just studying well from ncert only and peaking in subjects like chemistry and modern physics. And if not, hey there’s a lot that can be done other than JEE so chill… a lot of opportunities there. Explore them and use them well


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