Should I give BITSAT before JEE-Adv or after JEE-Adv?

Another great article by Harish. This one focuses on what he feels is the optimal timing of BITSAT. I have duly edited the post along with a few personal comments from my preparation. All of my comments are in Italics.


So, we can divide the people who have qualified to write Advanced into the following categories –

Those who feel will get a top 2000 rank for sure in JEE Advanced

For these people, writing BITSAT before or after JEE Advanced doesn’t have much of a difference. Depends if you want to have a try at how online exam works and are fine with experimenting things around, then you can opt to write BITSAT before Advanced.

Those who feel will get a rank and are hopeful of getting into IIT but not sure how much they will get.

It is better if you write BITSAT a week after Advanced as you will have time to study as well for it. I was under this category and wrote BITSAT a week after Advanced,but did not study for it as I was sure to get a good rank in JEE, and as well did not write BITSAT extremely well in the fear that my parents may make me join BITS Pilani CSE (as I knew I wouldn’t get a rank to get CS in old IITs). So I wrote in such a way to have a pretty decent backup (351 marks BITS Hyderabad CSE or BITS Pilani Mechanical).

Finally, those who have left hope of either getting into IIT or getting a rank in JEE

If at all you are still preparing for Advanced and not Bitsat,then write BITSAT after advanced,but if you are studying only for Bitsat them better take BITSAT before Advanced. Finally, since JEE Advanced this year is online, it is better to write it before Advanced but only if you are extremely confident of your JEE preparation and a setback here will not change your confidence level.

Last year, those who wrote before Advanced got unusually high marks (among my friends,when compared to their Advanced rank) than those who wrote after advanced, so even though this year you cannot predict anything, this is just an additional information I am just providing you people.

Hope it helps

All the best!


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