Debunking a few myths of FIITJEE (and all other) AITS

A lot many of you have been confused regarding your performance in the All India Test Series (AITS) that you must be attempting these days. This is completely natural. If you’re feeling bad about yourself and really want to feel great about yourself, keep reading on…

“Test Series are important and indicative of your performance in the actual exam”

“If you don’t do well in these papers, how will you handle JEE?”

Pish posh, random nonsense. Everyone who says this knows nothing about the actual thing and is just putting more stress on you. Nothing is like this.

Simple thing is to relax and realise that –

  • These test series are of a much higher level than JEE is.
  • These test series take place just after your syllabus has gotten over. JEE takes place 4 months later. Plenty of time to strengthen everything
  • These test series are meant to keep students on their toes and not let over confidence creep in.
  • Let me tell you something fun. These test series predicted that I would get a rank of around 5000. Did I get something like that? Not at all. So you need to realise that their predictions and results aren’t accurate in the long run.

Heck, this is the time you should be happy about. Syllabus is over, and just a few more months of mental pressure remain. Better work on your health and overall calm than worrying over these test series results right now. Take note of silly mistakes or as such mistakes that should never have been but don’t worry otherwise.



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13 thoughts on “Debunking a few myths of FIITJEE (and all other) AITS”

  1. I have completed my JEE syllabus and I want to take a test series which will be best: FIITJEE aits or Bansal Classes aits or both


  2. Did you opt for fiitjee Aits only?
    I am an allen student(kota,although study centre does’nt matter at all in case of aits) then should I appear for allen test series or Fiitjee test series?
    What would you do in my case?


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