How can I prepare for Trigonometry for JEE?

Another great article by Harish. This one focuses on how he studied for trigonometry and what he feels is an optimal way to prepare. I have duly edited the post along with a few personal comments from my preparation. All of my comments are in Italics.


If you want to study trigonometry, here is my method in detail, in proper order as it were.

  • Write, write and just write down all the important formulae in a seperate note book.
  • Read, read and read all the formulae until and unless you get a complete grip over each and every formula. Essentially, this is just the way you would memorise other things. So if you have an alternate memorisation technique, then that works too.
  • Solve, solve and completely solve all sorts of sums that are up for grab. And this definitely helps. Trigonometry is a chapter where practice is a very crucial factor.
  • Draw, draw and always draw a triangle irrespective of what the question is. This is a nice interesting approach to trigonometry. However if you have gotten the hang of the thing and are able to visualise without drawing triangles, then you can and should just do this step mentally to save precious time.
  • Think, think and stretch the limits of your brain and think as to which formula needs to be applied for which sum. Ideally speaking, there can be multiple formulae and approaches to trigonometry questions. However some formulae provide easier and quicker solutions. Practice more so that you are able to recognise these patterns.

Trigonometry is a chapter where application of formula is really important for which it all boils down to solving of sums.

Coming to the books, I used only Cengage book apart from FIITJEE material,and it is pretty good (infact all Cengage Maths books are pretty good (I haven’t tried Calculus though)). About SN Loney, though I bought that book, I never used it. Totally your choice.

Here are the book links. Please support Prepsera by buying from these links. This matters and helps in keeping the site alive.

Hope it helps.

All the best!


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5 thoughts on “How can I prepare for Trigonometry for JEE?”

  1. your posts are useful and very helpful
    from this post i already know some points some learn now
    i am not getting the score in fiitjee aits even worked hard
    help me plz.


      1. So basically, all I wanted to say was that you must not worry about fiitjee aits now because their marks aren’t super important at this point. So just keep working and don’t worry


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