What exactly is the difference between a 150-200 or 250-350 marks scorer

Thanks a lot to Harish for allowing me to borrow this amazing piece. The base of this article is written by Harish and has been supplemented with quite a few edits from my side.

– Aakash

Want to know more about what distinguishes the students at different marks in the JEE-Main? Here’s your answer.A 150+ Scorer

Such students can be divided into three categories –

  • A person who was good at school, but again his knowledge in school was just limited to the textbooks and did not try to explore much outside the school textbooks, because of which he found the concepts of JEE tough to understand. He could understand the basics of every chapter, but would struggle even if slight twists were introduced in the questions.
  • The second category would be of people who were okayish in school, were fascinated by some subject (Physics or Maths or Chemistry) and as a result decided to opt for JEE coaching. Tried to keep up his interest in all three subjects equally but ended up spending more time on his favourite subject and hence could not cross the barrier for the other two. Something quite common for sure. Has happened to a lot of candidates.
  • A person who has the capability to get 200+, but lost track of preparation due to distractions and/or wrong study patterns.

A 200+ Scorer

Generally the kind of people who mess up JEE Main in the hope of a 250+ score. Often times students go into the exam with a fixed aim in mind (read : Branch, College) and try to make sure that they achieve that to have a safe backup option for Advanced. This attitude generally leads them to commit silly mistakes and lose out.

A 250+ Scorer

This category often comprises confident students, capable of getting a 3 digit rank. However, many of them do not take JEE Main seriously (because their target is Advanced and that’s where they want to ace it or maybe because they just didn’t have any interest). However, some of these students keep higher target to get the top rated colleges like IIIT-Hyderabad.

A 300+ Scorer

Such students are usually those who prepare seriously, aiming for double digit ranks. Such people turn out to be well versed with the core subject material and more often than not, attempt the complete paper. However, easier question papers often lead them to commit silly errors.

It is generally believed that the 300+ scorers have equal potential to get All India Rank 1. Well that’s true. However, keep in mind that even a 250+ or 200+ person can do so (who knows if they flubbed their test or something?). However, casting silly mistakes aside, it is usually seen that the 250+ scorers (if they work hard), can achieve a rank close to these people. In short the 250+ scorers are the one who are most expected to get a top 100 rank. However, this does not mean that if you get 250+, you will be getting a top 100 rank. There are many instances to show that it doesn’t happen that way always. So keep your head down and work hard till you get to the goal

Hope it helps.

All the best!


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