What to do now? : Part 2

It’s almost December and a good percentage of you have finished your syllabus or are just about to. This is a phase of confusion for a lot of students wherein it seems unclear what next to do. So, what exactly is to be done?

Good question. Now there are a few things that you can actively do. This continues from the previous article.

Start by giving off a lot of practice papers


This is something I will strongly advise to each and everyone of you. So here is something that I did : I acquired a lot of JEE Advanced test papers through my classes 9-11, with a plan to solve them at the end. So, after my syllabus finished (well, almost), I started by solving these papers one after the other, every alternate day or so. This helps you a lot for the exam day. So this is one of the things you should do.

Focus on preparing for interviews


There will be a lot of interviews in store for you very soon : KVPY Stage 2, Admission to NUS, NTU and a lot of foreign universities. Also, you shall be sitting for interviews all throughout your professional life. Why don’t you work on your communication skills a bit? It’s only going to benefit you, never going to hurt you.

Work on your health


The most important thing in all this is you. After all, if you’re not healthy, how would you be able to work hard? Exercise a bit, play some sports and relax a bit. Who is going to study all day anyway? It’s so boring. Better make it effective 6-8 hours of study with 4-6 hours of enjoyment than random 12-14 hours of study with no enjoyment at all.

With this, I conclude this guide. Please publicise the blog : Need it big time. You can help me by spreading the word on Quora, in your colleges, in your schools, in your coaching institutions, in your neighbourhood, and even in your family circles. Oh, don’t forget to share via Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp, in case you use them.

Cheers !

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8 thoughts on “What to do now? : Part 2”

  1. Hey there! The syllabus is over in my coaching class & Revision has started. Should I be solving Subjective questions (like those in Irodov) or Objective questions (like those in DC Pandey/BM Sharma) for PHYSICS??


  2. “I acquired a lot of JEE Advanced test papers through my classes 9-11”
    What did you mean by classes 9-11? Does it mean that you joined coaching classes for IIT JEE in class 9th?


    1. No. I knew where different coaching institutions held their tests and would go there and take extra papers from the invigilators


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