What to do now? : Part 1

It’s almost December and a good percentage of you have finished your syllabus or are just about to. This is a phase of confusion for a lot of students wherein it seems unclear what next to do. So, what exactly is to be done?

Good question. Now there are a few things that you can actively do. I shall be discussing these things in this and the next article.

Prepare for the Olympiads and other exams

A great many of you must have done well in the first stages of the Indian national olympiads (I’m talking about the NSEs which were held on 26 November). In case you are one of them, a great time investment is to revise your syllabus and study ahead. For example, I had used the months of December and January working on Peter Sykes, Irodov and Krotov. These books shall boost your preparation immensely, trust me. (Support Prepsera by purchasing books from the provided links, in case you haven’t purchased the books so far)

Prepare for the upcoming Board Examinations

A great many people have interests in other fields like the liberal arts, fashion and science. In such cases, having a good board performance is crucial. Even otherwise, a good board performance only has upsides. Given that so much of the board syllabus is common with the JEE Main and NEET, preparing for either boosts the preparation of the other. Also, if you score well in the boards, you get recognition from everyone around you (maybe even nationally). This helps boost your confidence. It’s always good to have confidence boosting things.

That’s the list so far. Keep checking out the blog as I publish other articles that might help you immensely.

Cheers !


6 thoughts on “What to do now? : Part 1”

  1. The FIITJEE AiTS are going well(100-150) but the level of questions in the advanced paper is also monotonically increasing. How did you improve your ranks in these exams ?. What was your percentile in them ?


    1. I kept giving papers. Performance improved automatically. My percentile in these tests was high enough cuz I was usually in the top 25


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