This secret tip is what makes toppers !

Wondering what is the difference between a normal kid and a topper? Here’s one of the “topper’s secrets”.

Curious enough? Well the answer is relatively straightforward… Everyone is told that “Overconfidence kills” and this leads kids to think they are lesser or something. In order to prevent overconfidence, most kids don’t even let the requisite confidence bloom in themselves. That’s the differentiator between toppers and regular students. Most kids assume that they are not up to the mark and let the reputation of the exam overwhelm themselves. This is a big mistake and often is fatal.

Whereas toppers never let this happen to them. The first thing they do is believe that the challenge ahead is easy enough for them to accomplish. This gives them the necessary confidence and fire to actually achieve their goals.

Follow this if you want to be a topper.


4 thoughts on “This secret tip is what makes toppers !”

  1. U are correct bro wish i had read it before jee mains im scoring around 170 while my friend who had confidence in himself scored 220


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