How does an International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Medalist Advise You To Prepare for the IMO…

So, I had a quick discussion with my friend Shourya Pandey, a bronze medalist at the International Maths Olympiad, about his views on the exam and what all stuff he would like his juniors to know… Excited about it? You should be! Let’s head on and have a look at what Shourya advises :

Firstly, keep in mind that preparing for any of the Olympiads (Maths Olympiad in particular) will take up quite a bit of time from your JEE/NEET/Other exam preparations. As such, make sure that you are really interested and motivated before delving into the preparation of IMO.

Secondly, Attitude is one of the things whose importance can just not be expressed in words. Just think of it as this way – As long as you keep you head down and prepare coolly, you shall be in a good place. Be focused and that is going to be an immense plus point for you. Like, for example, there shall be questions or entire papers which will look extremely tough, maybe even impossible to solve. If you stay cool, however, you might be able to spot the crux of the questions and realize the method of solving them. Many questions are just made to look tough and out of scope to throw kids out of their mental balance. It becomes vital to keep you cool at all times, during the exam as well as during your preparation.

Thirdly, as always, the right books are needed for clearing this exam. There is no point wasting time on the wrong books. It just won’t help. So, the books that are recommended are –

Fourthly, practice is going to be your best friend here. So, just keep practicing for it. And well, stay motivated as much as you can. Keep reminding yourself why you wanted to do it in the first place. That will help you stay motivated throughout the length of this long, arduous journey. And hey, let’s be honest : It’ll feel awesome when you emerge with flying colours at the end. If at all you lose focus, then the best way to recuperate is to take a short break from your IMO preparations. Not a long break, mind you. Just enough to re-energize you for the task itself. This will help you get back to preparation with more energy than ever before. 

Lastly, if you are having doubts, then head over to AOPS. It is a great community where fore you can get answers to almost all the doubts that you face during your Olympiad Preparation. 

Ace the International Maths Olympiad !



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