Mechanics – The most conceptual part of JEE Physics

Mechanics is undoubtedly the most conceptual part of JEE Physics. In fact, the entire two year syllabus revolves around mechanics. While the exam paper has about 30% direct questions from mechanics, it is safe to assume that the paper also has another 30-35% questions indirectly involving mechanics. That’s a whopping 60-65% of the paper based on one single unit of Physics! Basically, what this means for you, the candidate, is that an absolute mastery over Mechanics is essential for a good rank. Also, keep in mind that mechanics CANNOT be mastered in a month… it needs about 8-10 months of rigorous practice to fully grab the concepts of mechanics. So, if initially, you cannot understand mechanics or solve its questions, don’t be disheartened. Most of the kids have trouble understanding mechanics. 

The Essentials : Mechanics is basically divided into two parts – Dynamics (which deals with forces and stuff) and Kinematics(which deals with velocity, distance… motion of a body). The best way to understand mechanics is to start off with Laws of Motion and FBD (free body diagrams). This should ideally be followed by Kinematics, then Circular Motion, then Work-Power-Energy, then Centre of Mass & Collision, followed by Rotational Mechanics, Gravitation and finally, Fluids. This sequence helps optimize the time spent on understanding mechanics.

The Books needed : I would strongly advise all of the candidates to simply refer to two books on Mechanics.

The first book is H.C. Verma : Concepts of Physics Vol. 1This book is the “Holy Grail” of JEE-Physics. Any serious candidate can not afford to overlook it. This book has a nice and concise theory which i would recommend all candidates to read. Direct theoretical questions can be framed in the JEE (they are often asked) and all the requisite theory is in this book. Make sure that you revise the theory of this book as much as possible. It will help you grab the marks from the theory questions asked in the exam. Additionally, reading theory is as important as practising questions. So, spend your time carefully reading theory from this book. Follow it up with the Solved Examples and then move on to the Exercises. Be sure not to omit the Objective Exercises… they are extremely important. 

The second book is General Problems in Physics : I.E. IrodovMind you that this is not a book for everyone. Only those students should attempt this book who have sufficient confidence and skill in them. For the underconfident candidates, this book may prove to be harmful…in the sense that it can completely destroy your confidence. Full of tough problems, it also includes out of syllabus questions…Check my page on the Recommended questions of I.E. Irodov.


62 thoughts on “Mechanics – The most conceptual part of JEE Physics”

  1. Sir help me. I migrated my coaching center due to my distance from home. My previous faculty was awesome and current is very very poor . How to prepare rotation. U know considering no help from faculty. Books : rhk , hcv, fiitjee, irodov , archive. How to approach .Hcv theory is not good. Rhk is best but consider that I read torque . Now I should solve 5-6 standard questions.from where . How . 3-4 from hcv and 1-2 from fiitjee . Making self notes u know. How to make self notes compatible to faculty who is air 58…….


  2. There are a lot of guys in my coaching institute who have already complted the sylllabus and i am a beginner. Is it possible for me to crack jee advanced with a under 200 rank? I will be giving jee in 2019


    1. Yeah sure. Why do you care about others? Your syllabus is your concern. Doesn’t matter what others do or have done


      1. Sir please reply more formally…
        Which both? One is FIITJEE RSM and another……
        Is there anything special in them? Can’t i get the same benefit from books?


      2. You can get equal advantage from any material, any dip if u use it well. So, whatever you want to buy. Is your choice


    1. It won’t be wrong, I think. But yes, you should have dlp of a national level coaching and resonance might be good. I’ve never used it so can’t be sure. Ask someone who has used it. I’ve heard it’s good from my friends


  3. I’m dealing with some problems in integration (the one used to learn physics), my marks in coaching tests had decreased too since this topic began (it was up during diff. and vectors). This is really frustrating, please help.


  4. From where to practice types of questions which are asked in jee main…..I have done fiitjee module ….. guide me there is very less time left for jee mains


  5. I go to coaching 3 days a week but now they have made a batch of good students and they will call us 4 days a week and leave less time for self study.should I join it?

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  6. I’ve bought Resonance DLP and it is of very, very poor quality. Especially the maths modules. They suck. Inadequate theory, examples and poor level of questions. However, chemistry is fine. Physics somewhat average. Would you suggest me to buy FIITJEE DLP in 12th? Does it have theory too? I’ve heard it has good questions.

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    1. Also, I have FIITJEE classroom programme modules. Actually I was looking for more diverse theory and new sets of questions. Are they gonna have same questions? If yes, then it’s gonna be a waste.

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  7. Would you by any chance know anyone who took resonance dlp and got a rank as good as yours? Also did that guy stick to that material only? (As there are quite a lot of questions in it)


    1. Well, personally speaking, i used fiitjee material. However, one of my batchmates used reso dlp…. he got a three digit rank. As such, personally i do not know any person who got 2-digit rank with reso dlp.
      However, hving crossed the grind, i know that it does not matter very much.
      As far as your second question is concerned, he used to go to a local coaching, whih gave him allen material too… so he used like these materials alternatively, like whichever part of whichever material he found best.
      He even used fiitjee dlp at times, but mostly he did not use it regularly.


    2. Another thing i mentioned, might have forgotten to, is like generally fiitjee dlp is recommended to those who believe they can crack top 100, and if u are not so sure, go for resonance dlp. Not implying that reso dlp users are not double digit rankers. It is just a game of balancing confidence and skill level.


      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I am a Fiitjee integrated student so I plan to do both. Just wanted to know others people’s opinion on resonance dlp…
        Also do you think it would be wise to solve irodov during the summer break of class 11? (When whole of mechanics is completed currently I plan on just focusing on these materials..)
        And lastly,can you tell me around what was his rank?


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