DC Pandey Vs HC Verma : Which book is right for me?

One of the most viral questions on the internet has been, this book or that… So, here is my take on questions of these sorts. In this latest series of articles, I shall attempt to help clarify whatever doubts you may have regarding which book to chose. Of the various books that High School students can use for Physics, DC Pandey and HC Verma both are insanely popular choices. Both these books bring a good concise theory to the table, coupled with solved and unsolved questions.

HC Verma has a much more “college book type” feel to it (in as much that it has a concise theory and mostly elementary solved questions to demonstrate the use of theory). The unsolved exercises are a bit tougher, however (Especially the last few questions in the subjective unsolved exercises). While HCV can be used as a standalone books for most exams (including JEE Main, NEET and BITSAT), it just isn’t self-sufficient for JEE Advanced. For JEE Advanced, HCV needs to be combined with a good question bank.
On the other hand, DC Pandey is a great alternative. The series works great as a standalone (? If you could still call it standalone. I mean, it’s still a series) for all sorts of exams, leaving apart Olympiad stuff. Also, it’s got sufficient practice questions for you. This book is great for people like me : People who take a lot of time to grasp concepts, and who really need to work for it. I didn’t use DCP much during my JEE days, yet it would have served my purpose well. And hence, it’s a great buy too 🙂
For those of you planning to revise with new material, you would be better off with revision packages or test series and revising your notes.

Hope this helps !
– Aakash


21 thoughts on “DC Pandey Vs HC Verma : Which book is right for me?”

    1. Well, you will have to dig through the site to find that out. I have written it all. It falls on you to explore the articles and then analyse


  1. I am in a serious problem,i am struglling with mechanics(newton laws of motion, friction etc.)what to do now,it august right now.please help me bhaiya.


    1. For Neet you don’t need to do HCV I feel. I mean it will really improve your concepts if you do HCV but as far as neet is concerned, DCP is good enough. For AIIMS you can do HCV


  2. i am laging behing,teachers in my coaching institues have finished friction?i am still at forces,what to do?i have left relative motion,cant think about leaving forces to?how to master constraint motion?our teacher did not teach us with that datum(marking points,differntiating it ….) instead they took average method,should i follow my teacher or follow that process(datum one) to?i dont get time to do anything(due to school and coaching),pls help me(feel like commiting sucide).


    1. Suicide is silly at this point. Secondly, all mehods are fine. Just perfect those methods that you are most comfortable in.


    2. Hey !! For constrain motion try to solve question with sigma T.A/T.V/T.s =0 all pulley constrains can be solved by this method and for relative motion instead of those old vector methods for objective questions try doing by geometrical approach it will make relative motion questions specially ran man , ran boat and airplane – wind problem super easy but do try to understand the vector approach cause many times it helps . And relative motion and constrain relation are not that vast topics but their application is great so try devoting a bit of time on them and you will surely excel


      1. this method can be used for only single string in the system/or can be used at any pulley constraints?


      2. Single strings questions can be done mentally there is no need for any methods this formula is to get comstrain equation of complicated pulley system like 3,4,5 or any number of string and pulley system


  3. Sorry for a comment which is irrelevant to the topic but
    The site was not opening from few days so I thought it is removed by you or something.. but it’s great to see a new post and that too a great one!!
    Thanks bhaiya,


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