How to prepare Physics for NEET?

Physics, the subject which is considered to be the nightmare for 99% of NEET aspirants. But is it really true? Most NEET aspirants fear physics because unlike biology, it can not be mugged up. Medical aspirants develop a habit of mugging up and feel that the same thing can be applied to physics. As a result they feel that they have understood the concept at home but can’t apply the same in examinations. This leads to a fear of physics resulting in a vicious cycle.

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How to crack Chemistry for NEET

CHEMISTRY : In my opinion chemistry is one subject which uniformly checks a lot of components of your intelligence. It checks your conceptual understanding through organic,your mathematical skills through physical, and and your memorization skills through inorganic.

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Test series for NEET… Which one to choose?

Ask anyone, the only thing which can give us an idea regarding how good our preparation for any competitive exam, is a test-series. Now a number of test series for NEET are available,and the question which arises first is “Which one to choose?”. Now the 2 major test series available are those of  Allen and Aakash. The reason why I am naming these coaching institutes is because of the sheer number of  students who give their test series. 

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And… We’re Back !

Hey everyone, I am sure that many of you would have noticed the sudden silence in Prepsera, the lack of new posts and the lack of much communication from us. Well, let’s just say that we were busy in some background tasks.

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