FIITJEE Rankers Study Material (RSM) : My Review of the Material

FIITJEE is one of the most trusted names when it comes to JEE coaching. Every year, it produces a fabulous list of results (33% of successful students in almost every category are claimed to be FIITJEE students). Now, that is a massive number and it definitely raises some questions. Is the material of FIITJEE so good that this happens? Or is the faculty pool of FIITJEE that good? Many of you have asked me about FIITJEE RSM – how is it, how did I use it, and stuff. Bored of answering individual comments about the same thing, I decided to write this article. I hope that this article will be able to clear all of your confusions on this topic.

Firstly, I can say that the material is definitely rock-solid. It has all you need in order to clear JEE well, provided you take this material. However, in no way am I criticising the material of other institutes. As I had taken the Correspondence Course of FIITJEE, I know how good it is and how much it did help me in my preparation. However, the utility of FIITJEE material depends on what subject we are discussing on.

Physics is covered in an awesome way in RSM. All of the required concepts can be found in the theory, as well as in the solved problems. The subjective exercises are a must, and they help clear out a lot of concepts of the chapters. The objective exercises aren’t as tough, but they feature questions that are pretty relevant to the current JEE examination. 

Chemistry is good, but there is a difference in the three portions of chemistry. Basically, Physical Chemistry booklets have great theory and a good collection of problems. So, that is a must. Organic Chemistry is decent, the theory is good but the questions (especially the objective exercises) are repetitive. Some objective questions have wrong answers too. However, FIITJEE material is pretty accurate and the error percentage of the answers is pretty low. Inorganic Chemistry is decent too. However, as far as the theory is concerned, it is a bit more than JEE level. Honestly, for Inorganic I would advise everyone to stick to NCERT if JEE is your ultimate aim. However, FIITJEE RSM’s inorganic chemistry theory is useful for Olympiads and such. 

Mathematics given in the RSM is honestly of a level that is much higher than that of JEE. My personal experience is that I could not solve all the subjective problems given in RSM. Objective questions were something that I could solve, atleast 80% of them. However, the questions are pretty comprehensive and cover multiple concepts per question. So, on the overall, the question quality is pretty good. However, it will definitely make you sweat from the difficulty.

The quizzes that accompany each chapter are useful and relevant. I would advise you to solve the papers that are given for practice. Also, the Miscellaneous Booklets are a great collection of many practice problems. 

So, if you ask me on the overall, it is worth it to buy RSM. I liked it, and it helped me in my preparation. That’s all I have to say about it.

Aakash Kapoor.


44 thoughts on “FIITJEE Rankers Study Material (RSM) : My Review of the Material”

    1. Not much. Krane has more questions but both are pretty good. Also, the theory of walker is much easier to understand so you aren’t suffering here


  1. A few questions:
    1. I have received the the rsm from a friend. I had brought resonance dlp already. Since you said that the math material is tough and somewhat irrelevant for jee, what do you recommend as an alternative? Tmh or adg math?
    2. Did you solve hcv and tmh completely or were there some topics which are not so good?
    3. Is the rsm theory good or do I need to study Halliday for physics?
    4. For organic, is the wade book good for end of chapter problems? Is it suitable for jee?
    5.(personal) Is the blog the only way to contact you for advice?

    By the way, brilliant job on the blog. Keep up the good work!


  2. While attempting the problems of the material, as the subjective questions are a little higher standard compared to that of objective, so should I start the subjective questions first or the objective ones ?


    1. As u wish. I would advise you to start with subjective. Though if subjective seem very tough, then start off with objective.


  3. you said that you bought RSM,GMPand RTPF.So which one of these materials is best to buy for JEE Advanced?


  4. I am facing a huge problem in trigonometry(those weird thing to prove,).how to master trigonometry which book can i use?(i just began jee preparation,feel very depressed after those question)?please reply as soon as possible.


      1. HOW did u prepare for trigonometry ?pls give some advice(I am trying to finish this chapter but facing huge problems,i have so many chapters to go.)


      2. ONE final question,can i leave this chapter and move on(i will try to finish this chapter in my class 12 summer vocation)?pls help


      1. I have read it, ok
        you think i am asking stupids questions
        I apologize for that, but I am planning to go for it. So asking this question, kindly reply.


      2. Not a stupid question, just that you haven’t researched it well. It’s mentioned on the site that the pckage will be dispatched in 8 Phases


  5. Sir but i am planning to buy resonance dlp modules. Will i make a wrong decision?
    Can you talk to some of your friends who have used it and give me their opinions ?
    It will be a real help.


  6. This post was quite helpful. Thanks. Can you also put up a post on how to prepare in the last 6 months of 12th Std. And also on how to carry out revision processes. That would be quite helpful.


      1. It’s pretty much the same, I reckon. Though i have an old Classroom package so can’t be 100% sure


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