JAC Counselling Delhi (2017-18)

JOINT ADMISSION Counselling is as we know a centralized counselling for admissions to B.E/B.Arch/B.Tech program of 4 pioneering technical universities of DELHI.

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JEE Counselling Tips : IITs

With the JoSAA portal launched and the JEE Advanced results already out, this must be a frantic time for loads of students. After all, this is THE Most Important thing…. which branch and which college. Simply because, this is going to decide a large part of your career. Moreover, we see loads of scenarios in which students often ask :

Branch or College ? 

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JEE Counselling Tips: NITs

CSE/IT is undoubtedly the heart-throb of many Engineering aspirants in India.

Reasons are obvious.

Firstly, Learning programming is interesting and logical. Plus, it is more rewarding than Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical. Secondly, IT sectors and other software engineers recruiting companies offer a handsome salary package that is sufficient to attract students from all over the country to pursue Computer Science.

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1 = 10000 ! Confused? Don’t Be !

If I have realized one thing over time, it is that your rank hardly matters in the due course of your life. Be it any exam, the calibre of the top and bottom ranker might be different slightly but they possess certain factors that stay common and consistent throughout. Like determination, dedication, sincerity and hard work.

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Books for NEET/AIPMT Preparation

After counselling you all for JEE the past year, this year Prepsera shall start off with NEET guidance as well, thanks to a couple of my friends who cleared NEET this year. So, their advises shall be what I shall be writing on, including valuable inputs from our experienced faculty team, headed by Mohit Ryan. Let’s dive into the details of the exam, now. As mentioned earlier, the first step of the preparation of any exam is the material that we need to. The next step is to make a focused plan and the last step is to stick to it.

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JEE – Advanced 2017 Results to be Announced

The JEE Advanced 2017 results are supposed to be announced on 11 June, 2017 at 10 am. Now, I know that all of you would be quite anxious about what your results are. However, just relax, keep calm and keep in mind that these were the results of just an exam. Don’t stress yourself.

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Introduction to Counselling Series Advice by Prepsera

JEE-2017 is over and now, I am sure that most of you would have checked your scores. By this time, you are expected to have a pretty good idea about what your rank can be possibly. In such a case, with so many other engineering exams going on and stuff, it becomes highly important that you have all the options ready for your future college and stream. After all, choosing a college can be a life-changing decision with the power to potentially make or break your career. Another important decision is your branch. However, given India’s education scenario, things can get highly complicated. Getting the branch you like in the college you desire can be a highly unlikely scenario in India. At this point, I would urge all the students to just be a little bit flexible.

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