How to make a timetable the right way !

Plan the right way, and your work is half done. That’s what the thing is…. Having a timetable is crucial to your life, in any ways. You might be a genius, you might have the best study material or you might have the best teachers. However, if you do not have a timetable and a regular fixed schedule of study, you will hardly be able to realise your full potential in the examinations. 

Ingredients of a Perfect Timetable –

  1. Make sure that you allocate 6 hours of sleep daily. This is because having sufficient hours of sleep helps in keeping your memory strong and your brain active. Additionally, it ensures that you are able to maintain a good health. 
  2. Keep in mind that you are able to have around 10-12 hours of study daily. Now, this can be redistributed based on your specific timings. For example, you can see my timetable here.
  3. Fun is important too! Make sure that you spend time daily for activities that relax you, or involve you in a way other than studies. Make sure to work on your personality, too, because later on in life, that is what will matter much more than any exams or scores.

Some Nifty Tricks – 

  1. Keep a set of daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly targets. Regularly keep a track of how much work you are able to get done and how much more must you put in to be able to achieve your targets.
  2. Keep a track of your backlogs. Never let them pile up. Whenever you start off on a new target set, make sure that you clear your backlogs as soon as you can. Try to not let any backlogs pile up because that just causes added pressure and further hinders your efficiency to do any real work.
  3. Never make a timetable with unrealistic goals. It’s important to enjoy what you are doing and not take any pressure. 


With this, I would like to conclude. Make sure you implement these tips well. It will be very helpful. 

All the best, 

Aakash Kapoor


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