JEE(Main), 2017 – Offline : My Honest Review

Well, well, well… Here we are, just as JEE(Main) got over this very day. While I hope all of you students would have done decent in it, here are some of the points that I noted about the paper, and some points that were pointed out to me by the students who gave it this year (and well, are personally in contact with me). Here it goes (It’s not gonna be very long, just a short analysis) :

  • So, let’s start off with Physics. Pretty decent level paper, much like the previous years paper. In fact, some questions were quite similar to the ones that most popular books/coaching material have. Maybe even the same questions. This was as far as I could remember. Again, we had the popular chapter-wise marks distribution prevalent. (As mentioned in my earlier posts)
  • Semiconductors did have one or two questions in the paper. As did communication system. However, Modern Physics and Optics kind of had fewer questions than I was expecting. Anyways.
  • Chemistry section next. So, once again pretty decent level paper. Any person thorough with NCERT would have been able to get Inorganic portion fairly well – it was mostly direct and straightforward.
  • Physical Chemistry too was not exactly difficult to solve. In fact, it is perhaps of a similar (or slightly easier) level than the last year’s paper. Once again, Biomolecules did sneak in the paper with a couple of questions. That was as expected, and is most likely expected to happen in JEE-Advanced as well.
  • Organic Chemistry did demand the knowledge of certain mechanisms and stuff. However, it was easy enough and I would not call it difficult at any point. In fact, most of the kids I communicated with told me that chemistry could be solved very quickly, in some 30 minutes only. That’s a good news, I  suppose 🙂
  • Last of all, Mathematics. Now, every kid I contacted with told me that Maths was pretty lengthy, and definitely needed around 90 minutes to solve. This was a bit unexpected at the JEE(Main) level. Sure, Maths always has been the tougher section of any of the two JEE exams. However, JEE(Main) level Maths papers used to be doable in 60-75 minutes. This year, it seems that the level has been revved up here. Significantly.
  • On analyzing the paper, one thing that was pretty clear to me was that the Maths section was definitely one that is enough to make anyone cringe at the sheer time that is needed to solve the questions. Usually, JEE-Main has around 10-15 lengthy maths questions, some moderate length and some very quick to solve. This year, it seems that the number of quick-t0-solve questions are a little bit less and the lengthy questions are a bit more lengthy.


Honestly speaking, these sort of changes in the paper are always expected. And maybe that’s why I never recommend Maths to be solved at the starting of the paper. Because such stunners do occur and no one would like to be on the receiving end. So, this paper does not matter much for the die-hard JEE-Advanced competitors. However, this paper can be utilized to the very best to analyse where you lack, and work on it.

Additionally, for those who have performed well, my congratulations! Just keep in mind that the success does not get to your head and ruin your JEE-Advanced rank.


JEE(Main) – Offline is over. The Online paper is still one week away. For the people appearing in the Online mode of the examination, analyse this paper well and prepare yourself accordingly. For the ones who have given the Offline mode… Well, what are you waiting for? There are many exams still left for you to clear. Keep your head low, work hard and succeed in all of them.


All the best !

Aakash Kapoor


39 thoughts on “JEE(Main), 2017 – Offline : My Honest Review”

  1. I have score below my expectation in jee mains dur to external factors.but i am not caring about that because i have prepared for advanced with high focus for the last 2 i have revised.calculus coordinate and a few in algebra.for chemistry i have finkshed revising organic and inorganjc thoroughly.for physics i have revise upto rotation only.and by reviision i mean after jee should i plan my revisiion for the remaining chapter and i have given 3 mock test after jee mains.can u tell me the order of religion also.please reply asap.


      1. Should i start doing mock tests before completing my revision or after it because in mock tests there are some questions which i know but cannot recollect because of incomplete revision. and for maths revision which is better tmh examples or problems in mathematics by sameer bansal.


  2. Can u write an article on how to start early for iitjee right from 10….how to strengthen foundation and prepare for iit from class 10


  3. I am left with nothing. Checked my paper and 120 in jee mains 2017 . will I get any nit or private college at this score kindly tell me soon.
    Though u all being iitans I find my self below u so called great guys. How can I do better further in bitsat.
    Two years I have worked hard and this is what I got I mean seriously man 120 in mains and all my bachmates above 190 -200.
    Kindly suggest me something so could do something in my life.
    And do tell me could I get any private college at these marks like Nirma, lmnit etc.
    And well I have started preparing for bitsat hoping for best but this result is making me low every time.
    please help me ASAP


  4. I quite spoiled my paper due to some issues and I urgently need your guidance now
    Please give me a specific time when you can spare some time


  5. I’m feeling demotivated seeing that so many had performed well . I know it’s not the right spirit . I just wanted to convey this .
    I’m in my drop year and wish to score great in BITSAT . I prepared but I’m skeptical that I’ll get 210 or not 😦 (giving online xam)
    I’m highly demotivated . I attempted JEE main 2k17 at home , it took me 1hr 30 min to complete all mathematics questions (did spent time on those lenghty quadratic ones ) . Did most of them in chemistry (two wrong from inorganic , 3 from organic ,)
    I’m demotivated since people having marks like 205 are also saying to drop and all .


  6. I Got 320-325 in JEE Mains 2017 held yesterday. My question is what to do for revision for advanced . I Started with FIITJEE GMP Today but seemed much above JEE Level and some out of syllabus stuff. what is your recommendation


    1. I suppose you should revise your old material and just give papers. Strengthen the weak chapters, if any.
      Congrats for this awesome score by the way


      1. Nice nice man. Hey, send me a mail. I would like you to get added to my doubt solving forum on whatsapp


      1. This year they are taking 2lac 20k students , 20k students more than last year Question of cutoff being higher musn’t creep in


  7. Jee 2015 physics was lengthy; jee 2017 mathematics was lengthy;can we expect the same from chemistry in the upcoming years?


      1. Thanks bro , Everyone were demotivating me that I took the wrong decision,and still they are, srsly feeing sad.


        Who cares it my life and my decision , I don’t care how tough the situation is going to be. I will face it !! and will face it with full confidence.
        Coz life ain’t about how hard you can hit , its about HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT AND STILL KEEP MOVING.


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