Head over to prepsera.com for all further updates !

Hey there folks, your favourite Prepsera is upgrading and migrating to a new address!

Trust me, the new site is better built and more customized than the one we currently have, and has a shorted url. It is…  prepsera.com

Notes about the new site :

  • The Blog Tab on the front page gives you a link to all the Article that you have here
  • The Shop area gives you free access to all of our Notes, DPPs, AITS Papers, etc. and our book releases as well that we take pains in building for you 🙂    
  • Explore the site and find out more of the Prep-Fundae, Prep-Gyaan and Prep-Godly articles.
  • We will now be expanding to other examinations as well like – New articles for Olympiads, Boards, JEE, BITSAT, AIIMS, AIPMT, GRE, CAT, SAT, TOEFL, and how to apply for Singapore Colleges (NUS/NTU), this very year on the new site.
  • Already subscribed to Prepsera? Don’t worry! We got you covered. All our old subscribers have been migrated to the new site as well, so you don’t need to register again 🙂
  • We urge you to move on to the new site as all the articles from now on shall be available there only. 


Awaiting you eagerly at the new Prepsera 🙂

Aakash Kapoor

Founder, Prepsera


16 thoughts on “Head over to prepsera.com for all further updates !”

  1. Hello Aakash and Team,

    Congratulations for 100k + views on the page. The Prepsera team has done a great job by providing immense help to all UG and PG students for the competitive exams. Its good to see such people working for betterment of others. The resourses provided are of good quality and completes the needs of a student prepaing for comptt exams. I hope the team and the website does great progress in coming future.


  2. Thankz a lot..!
    Carry on this great work for all upcoming Jee aspirants…!
    Its a great platform to build up our knowledge..!
    Thanx again..


  3. Please do write how should we study to clear concepts
    Many a time it’s tougher to clear those concept
    What’s ur tip
    Should I revise before going to classes or something else u will advise
    And a last thing
    What was the factor that keep u motivated to study hard and get in top ranked
    Won’t u losed focus
    For Aakash


  4. Hey Aakash
    Gautam here from from​ Vadodara
    I can’t express mine thankness for taking sooo much pain in building and operating the prepsera site
    U r doing great things for all JEE aspirants by providing free notes paper article
    Funde formula etc
    And best thing is the notes u r providing
    U r great
    Also thanking to Mohit Ryan sir (a great teacher I personally talked with him about his great prepsera work)
    Thanks to ur team
    Keep doing
    Keep moving
    We all are with you
    A JEE aspirant
    Cheerio !!!


    1. Thanks a lot for your wishes 🙂
      And yes, we’ll keep on moving forward, helping you and everyone, not only JEE aspirants, but others as well.
      Thanks for your support,
      Prepsera is with you too always!
      Just one request… Please spread the word and share prepsera.com


  5. hello aakash bhayiya , i think there is a bug in the site, in jee notes it shows free! I placed an order😀🙂… or is it not a bug….?


    1. The notes are free. Just place the order, follow the steps and download it for free! We shall be releasing many such free notes for you to use.
      Some would be paid too 🙂


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