Prepare for KVPY-SA in 2 months

Qualifying KVPY provides direct admission to top institutes like IISc and the various IISERs. Moreover, in past few years, it has become a competitive exam where earning the badge of KVPY scholar is as good as glorious.

KVPY exam is just two months away. Frankly speaking, it can be compared to JEE-Main when it comes to the difficulty level of the written paper. However, some problems are very easy in KVPY and can be solved easily.The 2015 paper was, surprisingly, a bit tough in Biology. However, there is no cause for panic. 60 days are more than enough to clear KVPY. Widgets


usual cutoff for KVPY SA is nearly 50. we always suggest students to practice only 3 subjects for the exam. They really help you in aptitude test. But you have to focus on all 4 as your question paper pattern is different SA.
In interview, your aptitude matters a lot. The basics of facing an interview you should learn. They help you score a lot. You should be confident before them and accept if you don’t know any answer. We will discuss about the interview after written exam so here we will focus on the written exam.

What should be your strategy –

target to score  at least 60 marks however  you know your selection will be confirm if u score  around 50-55 . therefore  aiming at greater  than 60 marks  will at least make sure that  if  u lose some marks by your silly mistakes then still you will be around cut off. it’s advisable that you should make yourself more or less equally adept at all the four subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology).

So go on with the plan of making all 4 subjects strong enough or at least 3 subjects should be strong and the fourth can be kept at an average.this will surely let you score greater than equal to 60.


Subject-wise analysis and tips for KVPY-SA Examination


  1. Make sure that you are thorough with the class XI syllabus.
  2. The most important topics are Mechanics, Ray Optics, Electromagnetism.
  3. You should know the class XI level Mechanics properly.

Note –  Ray Optics and Electromagnetism is not there in your class XI syllabus. But there is no need to worry. The basic class X level knowledge in these two topics will work as your base and just read NCERT of class 12th for these chapter as musch as u can.

The less important topics, that is – Thermodynamics, SHM, and Waves should preferably be completed from the class XI book.

Tip for physics – try to make class 12th  topics strong as it is expected that your class 11th syllabus  would be good


  1. You will need to know almost all topics from class XI.
  2. Class X level knowledge of Geometry is required.
  3. If you know the basics of Number Theory, it will help you a lot.
  4. Mental ability based questions which involve Algebra, Geometry are important.

Important chapters include Quadratic Equation, Progression and Series, Permutations and Combination, Basic Geometry. In Coordinate Geometry, Conics is NOT required.

Get ready to wrack your brain as you are going to face a lots of IQ-Based problems.


  1. in brief, you need the knowledge of physical chemistry of class xi level.
  2. Till now higher no of questions are asked from the chapters –  atomic structure, chemical bonding, thermodynamics, stoichiometry and gaseous state.
  3. Nomenclature,general organic chemistry and hydrocarbons are the most important chapters of organic chemistry for KVPY-SA
  4. Some important name reactions and action of reagents would help in scoring high
  5. Chemical kinetics from class 12th syllabus is important

Tip  :  Read  NCERT Of class 11th and 12th thoroughly.



  1. Basic knowledge of class 11th is very important
  2. After class 10th you should focus on NCERT of  class 11th
  3. In the recent year class 12th biology was also asked but it is still small in fraction after 10th and 11th.
  4. REPETITIONS of chapters you read in the ncert or reference book will strengthen that chapter so keep on revising a lot of times
  5. Immunity,heredity and evolution have been important always
  6. It will turn out to be the most scoring subject so it must be stronger one .




8 thoughts on “Prepare for KVPY-SA in 2 months”

  1. Is it really true to complete KVPY portion in 2 months?
    How much time per day should be studied from the point of view of KVPY?


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