National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

Ask any person, and most certainly they would’ve heard about National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). Being an NTS Scholar myself, i believe i have the experience needed to guide you to cross this examination with ease and earn the prestigious title of NTS Scholar.

Okay, let’s get down to business fast. A brief summary of the exam-

NTSE comprises two stages : The First Stage is held at a State/UT level while the Second Stage is held at the National Level. Roughly 4000 students are shortlisted for the second stage out of which, finally, about 1000 students are selected. Now, let’s discuss the various facets related to this examination.

The Inspiration :  NTSE is an exam that is highly respected all over India,  even abroad. So, just having the title of an NTS Scholar increases the attractiveness of your resume, and your paycheck too ;). As if that was not enough inspiration, clearing the NTSE also gives you bragging rights, as  well as making your parents very much proud of you.

The Essentials :  NTSE tests not only your Scholastic Abilities(the SAT paper) but also your Logical and Analytical Abilities. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you focus equally well on both the aspects. Most of the students end up neglecting MAT altogether and this destroys their chances at the scholarship. I would sincerely advise every student to practice MAT(The Mental Ability Test) daily for 1 hour – Verbal, Non Verbal, Analytical and English. Another 2 hours should be spent on studying science and maths (Make sure that you practice loads of questions on these subjects, they can be tough for some students) . Finally, you need to spend another 2 hours mugging up Social Science and Economics (sadly, it has to be mugged up…no other options available). But, that’s it! 5 hours daily , and you will soon be an NTS Scholar (5 hours of sincere, concentrated study…mind you). 

The Reason why i am emphasizing on MAT is because, i was weak at it.. and lost marks in it in all the mock tests. Doing the past year NTSE papers, i realized that if i needed to clear this examination, i had to make my MAT strong. Luckily, i was able to do so. The result was this : The NTSE exam in my year had such a tough MAT paper that, only about 750 candidates could pass it (Pass = 40% marks). As a result, instead of the 1000 minimum scholarships that were to be awarded, only 750 were awarded. Be prepared for any such upheavals on the examination day.

The Books Required : As far as the books are concerned…

For SAT – Look no further than NCERT books (History, Political Science, Geography, Economics and Science). For maths, Board level books ought to be sufficient. My sincere advice is this, DO NOT STUDY FROM ANY OF THE COMBINED NTSE PACKAGES. Only study from NCERT books, though you may opt for a good correspondence course like FIITJEE JRSM.

For MAT – Practice a lot from anywhere and everywhere you can. Preferably practice from a book that has the level of MAT as asked in CAT of Bank PO (It will help you if a tough paper comes, as it did in my case). A good book for this is Edgar Thorpe – Test of Reasoning. This book will also cover the English paper in the NTSE.

Final Advice : Remember that it is just an exam, and not the end of your life. Stay focused, cool, calm and relaxed. Make a schedule and stick to it. 

Start Your Preparations Early – as soon as Class 9 starts…. Utilize your vacations well, they are the best pocket of time you have. 


Feel free to contact me (see the Contact page), 

Aakash Kapoor (OfficialPrep)

(Disclaimer :  All the material mentioned in the post is what i have used myself. And my views are based on that.)


14 thoughts on “National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)”

  1. Hi! I just discovered your website. I want to ask you a question. What is your opinion about using RS Agarwal Logical Reasoning book for NTSE? Can you suggest me some other MAT books that you found useful. I do not go for any coaching. So, I am searching for a book that is well explained and has a lot of practice questions.


  2. Sir i am in class 10.I have about 7 months for ntse.Will this be enough if i study mat for 2 hrs and sst 3hrs.I am a jstse scholar so i am mostly clear with science and math


    1. Yeah man, sure. Just make sure tht you have ncert at your fingertips and your MAT level is decently high, like Bank PO level or maybe even CAT level high.
      And do prepare Bio well.


      1. Hey, don’t you think CAT Level would be too high?
        I mean NCERT plus a book like RD Sharma (students usually prefer for boards) would be suffice. Bank PO is good as Paper may come tough.


  3. I thank you a lot. And, well, making good and accurate content is definitely our aim always.
    Personally, the useless content found these days on the web infuriated me a lot, and actually led me to make this blog…


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