Guide to KVPY : SA Stream

Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) Fellowship is certainly the best way to get into any Science college in India, and that too, with an outstanding scholarship. Check 0ut this page for the scholarship amount and general FAQ’s  : About KVPY. Meanwhile, here is our guide to KVPY : 

Plus, it goes really well for your career too… , it really boosts your resume. So, loads try for it but only few get through.This article might help you a lot with your KVPY preparation… especially around this time, just before the written round.

Firstly, i would like to tell you that i am a KVPY SA -2014 Scholar myself….so you can trust my advice 🙂

Books :

Tips :

  1. Physics : Those who are preparing for JEE, your coaching material shall suffice here. Just make sure that you cover up all the class 10th chapters ( though with JEE level depth). Mechanics will help you a lot and at times, there are good questions framed on electromagnetism and optics. So, make sure that you have atleast an idea of these chapters. Alternatively, you may want to leave these questions and strengthen your class XI chapters. You can use the time saved to work on Biology also. Refer HCV for Physics…it is the best book for you.
  2. Chemistry : NCERT Chemistry Books Class X, and XI shall be sufficient. And for inorganic, you should use Part 1 of class XII Chemistry just to be on the safe side.           Just remember that Chemistry is a high scoring subject. So, it falls to you to make the most of it…. it will decide your KVPY written exam performance. Make sure that you know these chapters well : IUPAC Nomenclature, Hydrocarbons, Alkyl halides, Hydrogen, s block, Mole concept, Thermochemistry.
  3. Mathematics : The toughest of all the 4 subjects, Maths will make you sweat. The questions asked in it are of class 10th syllabus only. However, their level is much much higher than class 10 syllabus. Additionally, make sure that you are pretty good at will count a lot (esp. the properties of triangle chapter). For maths, i would sincerely recommend that you solve the McGrawHill Mathematics for JEE-Advanced.Practice a lot.
  4. Biology : Ironically, this subject is the one that is going to decide your KVPY written round performance the most. Infact, this subject is the one in which you can get full marks by putting in the least efforts (I got full in Bio). Basically, all you need to ensure is that NCERT Class X and XI Biology books are imprinted in your mind. It will help you a lot. Come to think of it, if you remove the silly diagram drawing of Bio, it can be pretty interesting to read. And you know what? Reading it thrice will imprint it in your mind…. I am not talking of casual readers here. Rather, I am talking of those who will read it and make notes side by side. 

KVPY written exam is the most important stage of the entire KVPY. As it has 75% contribution to the final score, if you score quite high in the written round, then you will surely clear with an awesome AIR. Try to get a high AIR, because IISc accepts kids of SA who have AIR 1-250 (somewhere around 250). 

So, get crackin’ already, and rock on. 

After you are done with the Stage 1, I will guide you on Stage 2.

Feel free to contact anytime (see the Contact Us Page)

Aakash Kapoor (AIR-95, JEE 2016)


33 thoughts on “Guide to KVPY : SA Stream”

  1. if i follow the above mentioned tips will i get a rank below 100
    and should i learn all chapters from hc.verma.will more techniques be provided in mc graw hill for math?shall i buy it?


  2. from which book can i get the techniques to solve tricky problems?can u suggest me a book for more techniques and problems.can i buy kvpy book from fiitjee.will it be useful ?
    is ncert of class 11 enough for kvpy sa ? thank u very much for answering my queries inspite of ur busy schedule.really this blog is very useful for me.can i contact u personally becos i have lots of doubts regarding the study plan.


  3. i am a fresher to kvpy.i have only 3 months for preparation.but i want to get a rank below ncert book of 10 and 12 enough for all the subjects?i am confused of what book to use.becos many say kvpy is not so tough as jee so i did not prefer jee books .and also maths is tricky in kvpy.but the problems cannot be solved with the content given in ncert
    book more techniques are please reply me as soon as possible


    1. Errm… NCERT does work but you definitely need practice. That’s the only way to solve the maths of KVPY. I suppose you could do past year problems of kvpy to practice. And, focus on bio from ncert. That’ll help you.


  4. I am a bio student and it would be very nice if you could suggest me the chapter and books for mathematics in kvpy since it would be rather difficult for me to solve jee advanced math books and considering i dont have any teacher too for solving my doubts. Are math ncert worth it for kvpy ?


  5. My coaching is planning to finish complete physical chemistry first. So for kvpy how do I cover Inorganic and Organic chemistry on my own by October?


  6. I am done with ntse stage 2, how should I begin preparation, like which chapters in every subject. Also can you tell me some resources from where I can practice number theory. And thanks Aakash and prespera for taking time from your busy schedules.


    1. McGraw Hill is the best for Number theory. Err, check out all the articles to see how to begin your preparation. And you’re welcome 🙂


  7. I’m entering class XIth this April. Please help me with the worry that how will I manage to study biology mentioning that my entire class XIth PCM sylllabus be completed before November (before kvpy). Please help.


    1. See, you can sit for the SA exam when you enter class 11. As such, as you are aware of the exam at such an early time, it might be good to start preping a bit for it like bio etc. Nothing too high in PCM, just bio for now.
      Considering you are in tenth, the earliest possibility for you to give the exam is somewhere in November, 2017.

      U can ping me personally if you want tips or any type of guidance….


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