I.E Irodov : Problems in General Physics Book Review

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The book has an aura everyone is awe-struck  by the thin and rust-styled problem handbook available in the market at the cheapest of prices. The book I.E. Irodov is a unique , powerful & striking weapon to consolidate your concepts in physics and clear your main aim of excelling in JEE.

First of all this is not a book to be used by Beginners. If you have just started understanding, it is highly recommended that you stay far away from this book. Also, the book mainly contains problems and does not have any theoretical pages.

Secondly, the book helps you in strengthening the concepts of physics. So it is advisable to be thorough with a chapter in physics before attempting the problems of this book.

Thirdly, do take help from our condensed format given at the end of the article and try to analyze  your concepts-for JEE-Advanced. Since the book also contains problems that are more difficult or not relevant vis-a-vis the syllabus. So its good be selective instead of wasting your time on solving time-consuming problems that may not be useful for JEE.

The Mechanics part of Irodov, i.e. from Kinematics to Simple Harmonic Motion, has very logical and tedious questions which increase your level of thinking and gives you different approaches to problems. Once you have completed the questions of H C Verma and your classroom coaching material, it’s time to go for this book.

The book is a rigorous one and will require patience, thinking and understanding of the concepts at the basic level in order to crack its problems. Once you have completed the problems of this marvelous book, you will automatically gain confidence because you would have now mastered the basic concepts of physics.

Now, as per your demand, we are posting a collection of essential problems from Irodov, suited for high school level.


Recommended Problems

Part I

1-54, 58, 59-108, 110, 118-131, 133-199, 200-206, 209-233, 234-266, 269-279, 290-                  299, 309-311, 315-324, 326-332.

Part II

1-20 ,26-41 ,43-56 ,62-79 ,116-127, 149 ,160-181 ,247-251 ,254-257

Part III

1,2, 4-15, 19-42, 46-53, 101-108, 110, 112-142, 144, 145, 146 ,147-152, 160, 163,                             169, 170-209, 219-230, 232- 237, 242-255, 257-266, 269-271, 288-307, 311-318,                        323, 324, 326-331, 334, 335, 372, 373, 374, 378, 382-392 .

Part IV

1-65, 95-100, 121-125, 134, 135-147, 150, 153-156, 158, 160-180, 183, 185-187.

Part V

13-24, 26-28, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 41, 42, 69-77, 247, 249 ,251, 260-268, 270,                           273-281.

Part VI

21-28, 30-43, 46-48, 49-53, 133-142, 214-232, 249-280,289.


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13 thoughts on “I.E Irodov : Problems in General Physics Book Review”

  1. I completed my physics course with hc verma and my coaching material at this stage should i go for dc pandey or irodo. I am jee 2018 aspirant.


    1. I suppose I have mentioned the recommended problems in the article below. Do as many as you feel like or can manage


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