Important Books for Last 2 Months

Hey guys, Aakash here. This is the time that we revise and work hard, practice a lot of questions and test papers. Also, many people have enquired of me as to what should they be doing in this time. So, here is the list of books that I highly recommend you to do. Buy the books by clicking on the book name (I have added the perfect links for your convenience). Note that I have used these very same books and so, you can be sure that they are reliable.

Best of luck guys. Use these books well.

Aakash Kapoor


15 thoughts on “Important Books for Last 2 Months”

  1. Is the Arihant BITSAT Self Study Guide really beneficial for BITSAT?
    I found the practice questions and its previous year Archives to be somewhat different from each other.


  2. Thanks for taking time to reply.Though I checked the notify me of new comments and posts via email box I didn’t receive mail;what should I do to receive notifications?


      1. I solved from FIITJEE archive where no solutions are available.That’s why I have the remaining 40%, most of which are doubts and few unattempted.So,should I buy these books and read the solutions?
        Either way I have already ordered the physics 38 yrs soln book you have recommended,how about math and chem?I am quite weak at chem.


      2. I have done almost all previous year JEE questions as part of the study modules provided by different institutes – ALLEN, Aakash, Resonance. Should I do the question papers again?


  3. I have solved Resonance Rank Booster Mains and revising my class notes along with my coaching packages. Is it necessary to solve the above mentioned books ??


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