The Guy who cleared JEE in a Short-Time

I was a regular school goer all my 11th and the first two months of my 12th. I was not attending any coaching. I had a enrolled in a test series (FIITJEE I think) and got volumes of material which I would occasionally flip through. A decent performance at school level academics kept me oblivious to the time I was losing. Fast forward 10 months and I was battling it out against all the engineering aspirants of the country in a gruelling 6 hour JEE Advanced test that changed my life. I want to convey through this piece of writing that it is possible to get a decent JEE rank in a short provided that one is ready to accept the challenge and dedicate his time and efforts.

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7 thoughts on “The Guy who cleared JEE in a Short-Time”

  1. I am a class 11 student. I couldn’t study for past two months due to some disease. my batch mate have studied a lot. now i don’t know what to do to overcome this difference . please help me. can I still get good rank.


  2. I am a 12th grade student, preparing for IIT. I’m a student of the Pace Academy Pune and have joined the two years synchronised course for JEE Advanced 2017. Now, I haven’t studied much for the past 1.5 years. Even I can’t recall where but I wasted most of the time. As a result, my preparation is a mess. I only know a few topics that too no in depth. I have all notes and study materials though. My scores on topic wise tests are 130-150/360 and in cumulative tests are about 100/360. I’ve also enrolled for FIITJEE AITS. I got an AIR of 5k(both mains and advanced). And they predicted a 50k+ mains rank and 40k+ advanced rank. I’m in a dilemma now. I desperately want to go to IIT but I don’t know how. Please help me. I want to know that is it possible for me to at least get an AIR of 5-7k if I work from now? If yes, then how? If no, what should be my further approach?

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