Let’s crack INPhO in 10 Months…

Can you do it?  Yes you can…. Yes you can!

Is JEE Physics enough for clearing INPhO?

Let us take down these two BIG queries in the minds of many aspirants…

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12 thoughts on “Let’s crack INPhO in 10 Months…”

  1. Hello sir, i am an aspirant of JEE 2018. I want to go to any Ivy league university esp. MIT.Please suggest me what is the criteria to get into one beside the PCM skill. Sorry for asking an out of the topic question but i will be very thankful if you could reply.


  2. I am joining a dummy school next year in my 11 th( I wouldn’t be able to do practicals)
    But my goal is Olympiads ,do Physics Olympiad winners opt for dummy school?


  3. I am in 11th standard and want to crack these olympiads.when and how should I start preparing for these exam. I am a jee aspirant.


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