How to Prepare for KVPY-SX (Class 12)

Ask me, and I say… SX is easier than SA,  as far as KVPY is concerned. With a higher selection percentage in SX, it is more likely to get selected in it than in SA. Also, for any person taking JEE coaching (as is a common trend), KVPY  should be a cakewalk. Don’t believe me? So, dirst of all, let us have a look at the paper pattern :

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5 thoughts on “How to Prepare for KVPY-SX (Class 12)”

  1. Sir,
    Do you have an idea about the manner in which the interview is assessed? MY interview went averagely. I messed up a pretty simple question and was able to answer about 8-10 of the 12 questions they asked me. I also stammered a lot and I don’t think i appeared to be too confident.
    Further i wanted to ask that if a question gets bonus in aptitude , do we get bonus marks even if we haven’t attempted the question?(there was one question which i had left which got bonus)
    I am an SX aspirant and my score was between 65-75(70.25 was my counted score, 72.25 if i count the question which got bonus)


    1. Okay so anyways based on your experience, I would suggest that you not take any tension. I would believe that you have cleared the exam fairly easy


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