Peter Sykes : Reaction Mechanisms

Mark my words… peter sykes’ guidebook to mechanism in organic chemistry, has gained the status of a god-book of reaction mechanisms because generations of eminent chemists have used this book in their life. moreover, as regards the high school scenario of india, loads of jee/aiims aspirants have successfully used it to clear their exams with flying colours.

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4 thoughts on “Peter Sykes : Reaction Mechanisms”

  1. I have got the ‘for JEE’ version of Peter Sykes( +BH Kishan).It has questions too.
    Can I use this version or the original one?


    1. ofcourse sarthak ! u can use that one too !! theory portion is almost same however since the added excercise is new one hence it might have some error.ask your concerned faculty if you find some wrong questions or answers.
      all the best !!


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