General Organic Chemistry (GOC)

Electronic Displacement Effects – A brief review from the desk of Mohit Ryan (Senior Chemistry Faculty, guru of AIR 95 and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur)

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11 thoughts on “General Organic Chemistry (GOC)”

  1. Thank you sir ! This post pin-pointed my exact problem . I spent my july to november mid in organic and after that I lost the touch of it .
    I hope I get the grip back in 3 days of intense efforts (3 days since I have to cover some of my weaknesses) . I was taken aback since I thought that I had to start from scratch again
    Wish me luck 😀


  2. Can you please upload some notes or some sort of book (like the thermodynamics book you are writing) for GOC too ?? It would be really very helpful for us.


  3. Hey! I just bought LG Wade and studying from it. How do I find the topics you have mentioned in your posts( for e.g. inductive effect) in the book? They are not mentioned in the index and they’re included in a few next tests at my coaching.


  4. my chemistyr teacher at my institute is very bad so i have lots of confusion in general organic chemistry. which i should do to tackle this problem ? please mention the books that i should use.

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    1. there is nothimg like a chapter named general organic chemistry in foreign authors books like morrison boyd and lg wade mentioning all the elctronic effects in a single chapter.however if you read these books throughly then you will eventually be a master of organic chemistry.

      specially for GOC you may take indian authors like o p tondon or jagdamba singh or u may take study material from fiitjee/bansal /other reputed institues .

      any of the above options will work out for you if you are ready to work hard !!


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