Guide to KVPY : SA Stream

Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) Fellowship is certainly the best way to get into any Science college in India, and that too, with an outstanding scholarship. Check 0ut this page for the scholarship amount and general FAQ’s  : About KVPY

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6 thoughts on “Guide to KVPY : SA Stream”

  1. hello sir,I am very demotivated after failing in ntse stage can i bring back confidence to crack kvpy and iitjee.


    1. Not everyone who clears JEE has cleared NTSE. That’s perhaps the most important reason to not get demotivated


  2. I am in class X Preparing for my boards sitting at home. I am very excited for kvpy exam as I am going to pursue general science and I have heard that IISC is the best in it. I am referring the MTG books ( foundation course) in class X and I have found them to be very helpful. Since there are only a few months for kvpy, is it possible to complete the full course of maths and physics by November for kvpy and if it is what strategy should I follow. Will going through books like: 1) Coordinate geometry 2) Trigonometry by SL Lonely 3) Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight be worth it? Is lg Wade for organic chemistry enough ( with NCERT) I have also taken admission in a coaching institute for JEE preparation. Please clear my above doubts for now. It will be very helpful.


    1. Yes, you can. These books can help for base building. Quickly shift to some higher level books, though, for building your level.
      LG wade is enough.
      Your preparation is perfect


    1. See, you can sit for the SA exam when you enter class 11. As such, as you are aware of the exam at such an early time, it might be good to start preping a bit for it like bio etc. Nothing too high in PCM, just bio for now.
      Considering you are in tenth, the earliest possibility for you to give the exam is somewhere in November, 2017.

      U can ping me personally if you want tips or any type of guidance….


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