National Talent Search Examination

Ask any person, and most certainly they would’ve heard about National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). Being an NTS Scholar myself, i believe i have the experience needed to guide you to cross this examination with ease and earn the prestigious title of NTS Scholar.

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10 thoughts on “National Talent Search Examination”

  1. So for NTSE Stage 2, i shouldn’t be using TMH Study Package?? Also where can I get NTSE level mock tests and Papers??(for stage 2)


  2. Hi… i am hardik and i have qualified for ntse stage 2. Please advice me what books should i use for practicing sst? Moreover i have done class 11 science … will that be enough for it ?
    P.S. : Prepsera is awesome… very reliable content and accurate advices.


    1. Firstly, congratulations.
      For practicing sst, i think that you should focus more on revising NCERT Sst books, solve their back exercises and if possible, take a question set of some coaching for ntse. It will help. However, mainly you need to make sure that ncert is on your tips and that you are able to solve the previous years papers.
      Now would be a good time to prepare for MAT, as many kids think it’s easy and end up losing out because of that.
      Thanks a lot for your wishes 🙂


  3. I thank you a lot. And, well, making good and accurate content is definitely our aim always.
    Personally, the useless content found these days on the web infuriated me a lot, and actually led me to make this blog…


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