Books for JEE Preparation

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a roundup of  the Best Books for JEE Preparation that you can use to get the edge over your competitors. Note that the combination of these books is complete and you just need to study/practice them. You need no other book or study material for your preparation.

So, anyways  I am here, you are here, this article is here. Gosh! If we are all here, why aren’t we talking? Let’s start off (Take a breather before i fire away…. you will need it)

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National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

Ask any person, and most certainly they would’ve heard about National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). Being an NTS Scholar myself, i believe i have the experience needed to guide you to cross this examination with ease and earn the prestigious title of NTS Scholar. Continue reading National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

Guide to KVPY : SA Stream

Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) Fellowship is certainly the best way to get into any Science college in India, and that too, with an outstanding scholarship. Check 0ut this page for the scholarship amount and general FAQ’s  : About KVPY. Meanwhile, here is our guide to KVPY :  Continue reading Guide to KVPY : SA Stream

I’m not sure

Is Prepsera up? Is it down? NO idea.
You guys tell…. Did you get a mail? If yes, awesome. If no, damn it.

Shifting web hosting is a tedious job and I don’t want to lose my website data. So, let me know

KVPY 2017 Results Declared

Everyone please check out the KVPY 2017 Results at

As expected, the cutoffs have been super low, with 45 for Stream SA and 53 for Stream SX. That is damn low guys. I hope you guys cleared it. Please do comment if you have. And if you haven’t, then ping me as well at

I will try and address your difficulties and if we can give it a better shot next time, it would be really amazing. Hope you guys really did it well.

And those who didn’t manage the cut, please don’t worry. It’s just another exam and won’t be affecting your JEE/NEET performance in any way. So relax and make sure that you take treats from those who have cleared it. Other than that, don’t be dismayed. All will be well and there is nothing you can’t do just because you couldn’t clear this one exam.

So, everybody just be happy and motivated and feel good. Christmas is just around the corner and it would be amazing to just see you enjoy 🙂



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Attempting the paper : Things to keep in mind

This is another of the articles contributed by Harish. Really appreciate his work and his views and I felt that these would resonate with a lot of you and might help you out. Most of you frequent visitors of the blog already know my views and that’s why I post these articles written by Harish so that you people can get an alternative view point and decide what works best for yourself. As always, anyone who wishes to join this cause and help out is welcome to message me 🙂

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Side Effects of the modern online industry… Something to ponder about

Right now, the internet is at it’s peak, with hardly any barrier of entry, loads of available content and services, coupled with new innovations every few days that make the experience better every passing day. However, all this does not come for free… after all, everyone deserves compensation for the work that they do… You might wonder a few things at this point now…

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What do you feel after giving JEE Advanced, or anything significant for you?

Many of you must be wondering as to how it feels after you have attempted your JEE paper (or for that matter, any exam you value or any event that is worth it). Here’s a small recap of my experience to just let you know one of the feelings you might have after giving your paper. It’s all subjective and so varies from person to person. Would love others to collaborate on this one. Here goes….

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Should I give BITSAT before JEE-Adv or after JEE-Adv?

Another great article by Harish. This one focuses on what he feels is the optimal timing of BITSAT. I have duly edited the post along with a few personal comments from my preparation. All of my comments are in Italics.


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